Be like a willow tree

Rooted - Centred - Connected

This is the Path of the Earth-Based Spiritual Practitioner

Get Clarity, Connection and Guidance


When we connect with ourselves, with nature and with spirit,

we can create a life that is truly nourishing for ourselves and the world.

Create circles for the next 7 generations

by connecting deeply to your heart, your roots, and the Land.

The Willow Inner Journey Foundations Online Course & Community

Explore the art of inner journeying with our self-paced online course. Engage in group calls via Zoom and participate in live training days. Discover a supportive community of fellow travellers, providing a space to share experiences and learn together.

This is a foundation in Earth-based Spiritual Practices.

The Clarity Process & Session with Helena

Light up your journey and get clarity in your life. 

In this online course & session Helena will guide you through your roots, your present moment and into the future. Journey through the shamanic realms and begin to reclaim your power.

This is the Willow Tree Clarity Process.

Give the Gift of Self Development

Treat yourself, or a friend, this Yule season. The gift cards are valid for all courses, training or coaching programs and are valid for 12 months.


Sometimes even a healer needs a healer, and in those cases, I always turn to Helena first. Amazingly wonderful help ❤

Anna N

"Where do I begin?! Helena is incredible! I've sent my whole family to Helena! The depth and detail that she goes into is just amazing. Helena is very methodical, clear and patient teacher. She uses interesting and fun exercises and you leave feeling at peace and harmonious."

Lina F

In Helena, I found a deeply compassionate practitioner with a genuine understanding of the human energy system and our connection to our surroundings, including personal relationships and our connection to nature. I was seeing Helena regularly for a year as a client and was so moved by the incredibly profound changes I saw in my physical and emotional health that I decided to train as a practitioner myself! Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment Helena!!

Navdeep J