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Reconnect with Yourself

Meet Helena in a powerful session where you delve into the core of your being and find clarity for the road ahead.

In this session & process Helena will guide you to find your connectedness, your roots and your own centre.

Journey with Helena into the heart of what truly matters. 
Together, we'll unveil your intentions and dreams, reconnect with your inner wisdom, and find the courage to get ready for your next journey.

Wherever you are - there is always a path ahead.
Let us find it together!

Buy Your Session

Buy Your Session

Buy the Illumination Session: a 90-min Zoom call and a video-course to prepare you.

Book Your Session

Book Your Session

Book your session via the Calendly link - check your inbox for the email. Please allow yourself a few days to prepare.

Prepare Your Session

Prepare Your Session

Check your inbox for the email with your login details to our video platform. You get immediate access and the mini-course is yours to keep.

The Illumination Session: the gateway for personal transformation. During the Dark Season (or Black Week) the session & online course is

30% off.

(The additional discount will be added at check-out.)

Choose your option below.

1.  The full course with 90 min 1-to-1 call and guidance.
2. The Self-paced online Course

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Prepare Your Session

When you book your session you'll receive access to a 3-part video course, designed to allow you to start the journey today. Helena will guide you with the drum, a guided meditation and writing prompts to begin illuminating the deeper parts of you today.

In the Session

Helena will meet you on Zoom to go deeper into the process. You will be guided through the three worlds of the Shamanic realms: Lower World and your roots and the past, Middle World and your connection to Self and Now, and the Upper World to gain clarity and the eagle’s perspective.

After the Session

After the session you still have access to the guided exercises and a follow-up meditation to integrate the work you have done with Helena.

Shine Light On Your Own Path

Imagine standing just one step away from the depths of your heart, ready to begin a new adventure. It all starts by finding your true foundation.

Why are you here? What passions stir your soul? And how can you navigate the complexities of life to reach your destination? In the midst of our busy lives, it can be challenging to find clarity and hear the wisdom of our inner voice.

The illumination course & session supports you to explore your whole being. Like peeling back layers of limitation and unearthing hidden truths, you'll experience a deep shift towards living your life fully.

Together, we will go on a shared journey of self-discovery, walking alongside others who are on a similar path.

Your soul is calling you home.