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Let's focus on you and your present moment. Journey with me into the heart of what truly matters. Together, we'll unveil your intentions and dreams, reconnect with your inner wisdom, and find the courage to get ready for your next journey.

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Preparation before the call

When you book your call you'll receive access to a 3-part video course, designed to allow you to start the journey today. Helena will guide you with the drum, visualisation & writing prompts to begin illuminating the deeper parts of you today. Begin today & find your path illuminated.

During The Call

When you come prepared, Helena will meet you in a process and guide you to the depth of what is needed to be revealed. This 90 minute session is in itself a transformation the start of your next self chosen rites of passage. The path to shedding your light begins with work.

After The Call

After the call you'll be able to continue exploring with video course & the parts coming up for you in the call. You can use the guided journeys to integrate deeper, and Helena will follow up on your progress. The path to work deeper with the Helena & the Willow Community is open.

What is Willow Journey coaching?

This is your opportunity for a reset, a reconnection to your essence. With support and guidance, you'll ascend from the ground to the stars, being in touch with your heart's desires and finding the courage to be who you really are.

You will get practical tools, inspiring group calls, and powerful ceremonies that support your path. Step by step, day by day, find your grounding, deepen your connections, and reclaim your center. Together, alongside fellow journeyers, you'll share the power of growth and joy along the way.

Let the adventure begin!

Start your journey with an Illumination Call and unlock the magic that awaits.

The Willow Journey coaching

An Earth-based Spiritual Program

Imagine standing just one step away from the depths of your heart, ready to begin a new adventure. It all starts by finding your true foundation.

Why are you here? What passions stir your soul? And how can you navigate the complexities of life to reach your destination? In the midst of our busy lives, it can be challenging to find clarity and hear the wisdom of our inner voice.

The Earth Based coaching program supports you to explore your whole being. Like peeling back layers of limitation and unearthing hidden truths, you'll experience a deep shift towards living your life fully.

Together, we will go on a shared journey of self-discovery, walking alongside others who are on a similar path.

Your Tribe is waiting for you.