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The Willow Coaching Tribe

Only access is through the Illumination Call

The Willow Coaching Journey

Discover the Path Within: The Willow Journey to Your Heart's Calling

Embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and connection to your core essence. Our Earth-based coaching program invites you to find clarity, embrace a supportive community, and navigate life's complexities with practical tools, empowering ceremonies, and shared adventures.

Take the first step and join The Willow Journey to radiate from the depths of your heart and answer your true calling.

What is a Willow Coaching Journey?

This is your opportunity for a reset, a profound reconnection to your essence. With support and guidance, you'll ascend from the ground to the stars, igniting your heart's desires and radiating your light into the world.

Embrace practical tools, inspiring group calls, and powerful ceremonies that support your path. Step by step, day by day, find your grounding, deepen your connections, and reclaim your center. Together, alongside fellow journeyers, you'll share the power of growth and joy along the way.

Let the adventure begin! Start your journey with an Illumination Call and unlock the magic that awaits.

13-week Video Course

13 weeks of online video lessons, guided meditations, exercises and written assignments. This is a training in personal development base on Earth based spiritual practices. It is yours for life.

The Willow Coaching Tribe Community

Change, grow and learn together with others who are on the same journey. Walk with & meet others on their path. Share, learn and connect.

Weekly Zoom sessions

Every week meet we in our circle for lessons, sharing and ceremonies. You will also get 3 individual sessions with Helena where you deep-dive into what is most important for you.