Helena Lundvik, the founder of Willow, has been working in the health industry since 2005. 

Her mission is to educate and train healers for the seventh generation. She is dedicated to supporting those who walk the path of a healer, providing them with one-on-one support, courses, and group coaching sessions.

Helena's core competence lies in addressing all aspects of an individual's being: the physical body, mental body, emotional body, energy levels, and soul. She takes into consideration an individual's lifestyle, habits, relationships, experiences, and thought patterns, to develop a holistic approach to healing.

Her group coaching and 1-2-1 program, the Willow Journey, begins with a conversation where together, an intention is formulated for the areas that need the most help.

She has been practising spiritual work for nearly 30 years, both independently and in groups, and has acquired an array of techniques, methods, and ceremonies to use as tools for healing.

As a healer, Helena believes that when we are unwell, it is because we have lost our connection to nature and to our hearts. Her goal is to help as many people as possible to become whole and happy, so that they can better care for themselves, each other, and the world.

She is passionate about helping individuals regain their balance and stand strong in their own power. Her greatest reward is to witness the spark of vitality in her clients' eyes after a session or course.

Helena was born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden, and returned there in 2011 after 12 years abroad.

She has been self-employed since 2007 and runs Willow full-time with her partner, Jacob Marinko. Nature is where Helena feels most at peace and harmonious. Her connection to the shamanic path has been lifelong, and sitting by an open fire surrounded by trees, rocks, and plants, or overlooking a lake in Uppland, brings her inner peace and strength to do her work.

Helena strives to live as she teaches, with care and respect for all living beings. Her goal is to achieve balance, harmony, and healing in harmony with all life, everywhere. Her skills, training, and passion are essential to those who seek to become healers for the seventh generation.

Helena's core competencies include facilitating shamanic journeys, guiding individuals in accessing their inner wisdom, and mentoring others on the Celtic spiritual path. Her skills in this area have been refined through years of training and experience in different parts of the world, which she draws upon to offer effective guidance and support to those who seek her services.

Helena Willow is a skilled guide on the Celtic spiritual path, leading thousands of people through drum journeys and healing sessions over the past 20 years. Through her extensive experience, she has honed her ability to facilitate genuine shamanic experiences for her participants, as well as discerning what doesn't work as well.

Helena's guiding approach leads you step by step into the Dreamtime - the shamanic realms - and into your own inner wisdom. Her passion is to work with individuals who are ready for change and guide them step-by-step into the Otherworld, the shamanic worlds, and their own hearts.

Her own spiritual awakening occurred in January 2003, and since then, she has studied various traditions in Wales, London, Glastonbury, Sweden, and through online platforms from New Mexico.

Helena's core competencies include facilitating shamanic journeys, guiding individuals 1-to-1 and in group settings in accessing their inner wisdom, and mentoring others on the path of becoming an Earth Based Entrepreneur & wisdom bearer as well as walking the Earth Based spiritual path.

Her skills in this area have been refined through years of training and experience in diverse locations, which she draws upon to offer effective guidance and support to those who seek her services.

Helena's training and skills are vast and diverse. 

The natural world has always been her anchor

And it is from this place that Helena’s own practice stems:

An Earth Based Spiritual Practice, where every facet of your being—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual—is acknowledged, finding your healing and freedom from the past.

Through this practice, you can heal your ancestral lines and shape the destinies of the next seven generations.

It is through this profound transformation that we can truly manifest change.

This Earth Based Spiritual practice is Helena's life path. Helping her to find guidance, support, and healing for herself, her loved ones, and her clients.

She continues to educate herself through the study and practice of different shamanic traditions, such as the Art of classical Siberian shamanism.

Helena firmly believes that the more she works on herself, the deeper and more honest she can work with her clients and students.

As a result, Helena is committed to the personal and professional development necessary to support others on their journey.

Helena's path

Helena Lundvik, the founder of Willow, was born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden. Her spiritual journey began early in her childhood, as she spent a lot of time in nature and felt a strong connection to the earth and the natural world.

In 2005, Helena entered the health industry and became a certified Holistic Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist. She also delved into astrology, tarot, the chakra system, and the Reiki system during this time. Her dedication to holistic healing grew, and in 2007, she became self-employed.

In 2009, while living in London, Helena discovered shamanic techniques and was initiated into the shamanic tradition by her teachers, Elsa and Howard Malpas. She learned how to journey to the drum and realised that she had been living a shamanic life since she was a little girl. Her teachers provided her with a comprehensive understanding of shamanic methods, like Core Shamanism and Celtic Shamanism.

Helena continued learning about shamanism, studying the Norse traditions, including runes and sejd, with Jörgen I Eriksson.

She continued to study and learning about different shamanic cultures, and refined and developed her shamanic skills.

In 2011, Helena returned to her hometown, Uppsala, after 12 years abroad. She founded Willow, a company focused on educating and training healers for future generations. Helena's core competencies include facilitating shamanic journeys, guiding individuals in accessing their inner wisdom, and mentoring others on the Earth based spiritual path.

Throughout her journey, Helena acquired certifications as a Shamanic Practitioner, Soul Regeneration Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher in Usui Reiki, and Certified Aromatherapist (IFA). She has undergone extensive training in various spiritual traditions, including the Celtic tradition, classical shamanism, and the Norse tradition, including the runes and the practice of sejd.

Currently Helena is learning about the Toltec path through an apprenticeship with HeatherAsh Amara.

Helena's dedication to personal and professional development led her to enroll in the Art of Classical Siberian Shamanism course and deepen her understanding through Celtic Studies.

Today, Helena Willow continues to guide individuals, offering one-on-one support, courses, and group coaching sessions to help her clients on their healing journey. Her mission is to empower healers for the future generations and support individuals in reconnecting with nature, their hearts, and their own healing potential.

Helena's experience & training

14-25 yrs old: Studying Astrology and the Tarot, the chakra system and yoga

2003-2008: Initiated into Wicca / British Mystery tradition with Sorita dÉste & David Rankine as her teachers

2004-2006: Certification training as a Holistic Massage Therapist (ITEC) and Aromatherapist (IFA)

2005-2008: Usui Reiki level 1-3 with Barbara Ann Wolf

2005-2010: Continual professional development in Massage and Aromatherapy methods

2009-2011: Warrior in the Heart Shamanic Practitioner Training with Elsa & Howard Malpas

2018-2019: Soul Regeneration Practitioner training; Warrior in the Heart, Elsa & Howard Malpas

2019-2020: Sweat lodge training

2021-2022: Warrior Goddess training circle, and Warrior Goddess Facilitator Level 1 leadership training with HeatherAsh Amara

2023-2024: Jaguar Heart apprenticeship with HeatherAsh Amara

2024: Warrior Goddess Coach & Warrior Heart Coach with HeatherAsh Amara & Mary Nicosia

Other workshops and training:

- Norse shamanism and runes: workshop with Jörgen I Eriksson

- Luminous Warrior intensive 5 day training 

- The Art of Classical Siberian Shamanism course, studying the Ulchi people

- Celtic Studies with Sharon Blackie