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Deeply Rooted In The Stars
Beneath The Moon
Above Earth
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6 Module Online Video Course

Dive into a comprehensive 6-module course, complete with video lessons, guided meditations, and a blend of practical and written exercises. This is your one-stop resource to kickstart your journeying practise. You have unlimited access to this material.

Online Live Group Calls

Engage directly with Helena through interactive Zoom sessions. Delve deep in live lectures & teachings, get answers to your questions during Q&A sessions, and share insights from exercises with fellow participants. Included: 3 months of Zoom- sessions.

Online Community & Support

Journey together & find community. Immerse yourself in a warm and welcoming community where you can seek guidance, draw inspiration, and share your experiences in a nurturing and safe environment. Connect & grow together. Unlimited access.

Module 1: Into the Heart

The first step to the shamanic journey is into your own heart.

Module 2: The Elements & Spirit of the Land

Learn about the elements and connect with the Spirit of the Land.

Module 3: Sacred Space & Ceremony

Learn how to set up sacred space and perform a ceremony.

Module 4: The Shamanic Journey

Learn how to journey to the Upper world and Lower world, where you will meet your Spirit helpers.

Module 5: Shift your awareness

Explore different ways of reaching an altered state of consciousness: breath, dance and voice work.

Module 6: Being the Hollow Bone

Learn how to receive guidance for others, and what it means to become the Hollow bone.

The Willow Inner Journey Foundations

You can join this course as online only or with the 1-day live training & ceremony.

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1. Workshop & Ceremony Day, Online Video Course, Community & Group Calls

The full experience with the live training workshop day & ceremony: 23rd March and 20th April 2024. 
Option 1: 4500 SEK

2. Online Video Course, Community & Group Calls

Take the journey with the online video course, bi-weekly group calls and online community access.
Option 2: 2497 SEK

Learn at your own pace, find connection during the group Zoom calls & engage in the online community.

The group calls, held bi-weekly, include sessions for three months.

$247.00 $445.00


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